Here are some of the more commonly asked questions by new prospects. If you feel we haven’t answered your question or concern appropriately, then please call or email us and we’ll get it answered for your.

We offer special placement in the inside front and inside back covers. We rotate ads throughout the rest of the publication to encourage readers to flip through the entire Westside Guides  Magazine. Your ad will be moved from issue to issue to receive the greatest impact.

No, we do not run exclusive ad.

We encourage our advertisers to market their business using many strategies. Unfortunately most small businesses don’t have the budget to cover every publication available.  We have a reputation of impeccable customer service and encourage you to call some of the other advertisers in the West side. Residents in Los Angeles and surrounding cities recognize the Westside Guides Magazine, online listing, Coupons and rely on it for their everyday shopping.

No. You can change your ad campaign before cut-off time of every new issue. Many of our advertisers keep the same ad once they have an ad that has proven to be effective for them but we are always happy to make changes as you see fit or to include new products or services.

Every business has different responses. The Westside Guides cannot guarantee a specific return but we try to make each ad to be as effective for you as possible and after each publication will discuss changes in your ad or offers to help maximize you return.

All ads must be created according to the correct size specifications. If artwork & design is not provided, most layout will cost a minimum of $129 with two free revision, $29 per additional revision after. All fees and charges must be paid in full when signing the contract.

Yes, you would but we recommend that you run in more than one issue. Our readers tend to keep the Westside Guides from one issue to the next. When they see you in multiple issues it leaves more impressions and when they need your services they will remember that you are in the Westside Guides magazine as well as online listing and call you.

The best price per ad is based on the amount of times you run. If you commit to six issues, we can give you better pricing. Be sure to ask about multi-issue pricing.

With marketing budgets getting tighter you have to consider the savings. The cost to prepare your own mailing is significantly more expensive. With the Westside Guides a quarter page ad will cost you less than few pennies per advertisement. The postage alone would cost much more to reach 20,000 homes.

Yes. Westside Guides (WSG) pays for all of the costs up front. This includes postage, printing and graphic design services.

Yes. With every mailing we receive a proof of mailing from the Post Office. We always encourage advertisers to request seeing this document. It lists the route numbers and zip codes of the homes we mail to.

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