Magazine Ad Specifications

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Advertising rates for Westside Guide may be obtained by calling the publisher BB&B Business Group at (707) 652-3223.
The magazine is published bimonthly on the following schedule:

Edition: Advertising Cut-Off: Mail Date:
FEB/MAR Jan. 20th Feb. 10th
APR/MAY Mar. 20th Apr. 10th
JUN/JUL May 20th June 10th
AUG/SEPT July 20th Aug. 10th
OCT/NOV Sept. 20th Oct. 10th
DEC/JAN Nov. 20th Dec. 10th

*Dates are approximate.

Currently, Westside Guide is mailed to 20,000 homes within Solano, Napa & Contra Costa Counties and thousands more are distributed throughout the communities at local chambers of commerce, airports, hotels, hospitals, Vallejo Ferry Building, real estate offices, and various restaurants and advertisers.

All advertising should be submitted as a PDF (x-1a format) document set to 300 dpi. All images should be submitted as a JPEG also set to 300 dpi.

Advertisement sizes for the magazine are as follows (all sizes in inches):

Full Page: 7.75 by 10
Full Page w/Bleed: 8.75 by 11.25
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.75 by 4.85
1/2 Page Vertical: 3.75 by 10
1/4 Page Horizontal: 7.75 by 2.5
1/4 Page Vertical: 3.75 by 4.85
1/8 Page: 3.75 by 2.5

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